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Integrating Qualtrics with Optimizely

Heeey, I'd like to submit a feature request in integrating Qualtrics with Optimizely. As we’re a user of both platforms, I believe that integrating these technologies can bring benefits to RSA. Qualtrics is a an experience management platfor...
Guest 11 days ago in Integrations 0 Investigating

Delete Custom created Objects

We would like the ability to delete or hide custom created Objects. Currently these tasks must be handled by Support/Engineering and it can take a long time for these requests to be processed.
Guest 3 months ago in Data Platform App 0

Customer Profile to have details of event on history log

Usually, when presenting ODP to clients, the Customers section gets a wow, especially when they see the History logs. However, what the clients didn't see during quick presentations is usually, the history log does not tell the detail of the event...
Guest 3 months ago in Data Platform App 0

ODP to expose Segments through GraphQL or other api

Currently we can only access Real-time Segments. We have requirements that go beyond 28 days and would like to personalise on normal segments.
Guest 4 months ago in Data Platform App 0 Future consideration

Please update the Optimizely Assistant chrome extension to a modern, non-vulnerable version of jQuery

The Optimizely Assistant chrome extension is running an ancient version of jQuery, as reported by this security analysis tool: You are currently using a version of jQuer...
Guest 5 months ago in Integrations 0

Custom Fields on ODP Commerce Integration

The Commerce integration to ODP has limited fields available to sync from Commerce to ODP. Many customers find that the integration is lacking the fields that they use to power their business and need to implement custom solutions to get the data ...
Guest 6 months ago in Data Platform App 0

Ability to edit Overview page data

As a developer we would like to be able to edit the contents of the overview page as our client does not have commerce and would like to see more relevant data
Guest 7 months ago in Data Platform App 0 Future consideration

Ability to apply behaviours and filters in Real Time Segments

We would really like to be able to apply behaviours and filters in Real Time Segments, could this be considered for the ODP roadmap
Selena Smith-Taylor 8 months ago in Data Platform App 0

MA Connector - Microsoft Dynamics

The authentication approach (username / password) is not a secure approach to connecting to MS Dynamics, and goes against Microsoft's recommended approach. Microsoft recommends you do not use the ROPC flow. In most scenarios, more secure alternati...
Guest 9 months ago in Integrations 0 Investigating

Inability to directly post to Instagram

When syncing Instagram accounts, there's a notice that says "Instagram doesn't allow posting directly...need to add an email address to send the picture to." This actually isn't true, there are many 3rd party solutions that make it possible to pos...
Guest 9 months ago in Integrations 1