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Optimizely Data Platform
Workspace Data Platform App
Created by Laura Greer
Created on May 31, 2023

General Reporting Enhancements

  • Add an activity labeled "completed". It's confusing when it says running when activity is complete.

  • Move the name of the report in the report builder to top

  • Allow reports to be renamed both from within the report builder and also from the list view

  • Improve ability to filter reports

    • Filter where a column is null or when a field is not equal to a certain value

    • Allow for value contains, is greater than, etc

    • Allow for the option to use multi-level criteria with ands and ors

    • Provide access to the more advance functionality alongside the basic filter

  • Export dates in mm/dd/yyyy format in reports

  • Provide option to export the report configuration for import to another account

  • Option to group by - ex. group by country and then by date.

  • Improve performance and don't start a report until user submits so that they can first set up criteria

  • Provide ability to store reports by folder

  • Add ability to do undo and redo

  • Prompt to save before exiting unsaved changes and provide a cancel option next to the save option

  • Don't prompt to rename report or change visibility when clicking Save. Add a Save As option instead.

  • Provide a button to refresh the report when it's open

  • Allow for sorting by multiple levels (i.e. by date and then by campaign)

  • Attach files