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Optimizely Data Platform
Workspace Data Platform App
Created by Laura Greer
Created on May 31, 2023

General campaign feedback

  • Add a "complete" status to campaigns. It's confusing to see a status of running when the campaign has been completed.

  • Allow the option to run a recurring or triggered sync on demand for testing

  • Allow a view only option on the campaign. It's a problem b/c it pauses the campaign and it can be inadvertently left on pause. Plus, it's inefficient to go into edit mode just for the purpose of viewing how a campaign is set up.

  • Add contextual help for group settings when creating a new group

  • Provide option to rename on copy of a campaign

  • Provide option for scheduling more than one campaign for the same scheduling date and time

  • Add an option to notify the admin's that a recurring/triggered campaign has failed.

  • Attach files