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Created on Jul 17, 2021

Data Science/Insights

hope all is well. zaius does well making segments (subset using our analytics data, ie anyone that bought jeans) but there's not much functionality of cohorts (ie. what is my 60 day post purchase LTV of those that bought denim as their first purchase versus all other categories). from this incite, it can help guide what products should be shown more prominently on my website or maybe even an order flow on how to market to customer. for example, maybe my most valuable cohorts are those that buy our scallop t-shirts b/c they end of buying regularly. and through cohort analysis, maybe i can see some items have a really bad 60 day LTV.. if that's the case i could just get rid of that item in the store. 
wanted to ask if zaius has plans to make cohort analysis easier ? 
i found this article on cohorts helpful for me to understand why making/analyzing cohorts are important :
and this guy made this functionality :
and supposedly these are some other platforms where i can do cohort analysis (from the article above) : 

if zaius does have plans adding this functionality, it'll be good to know. if there are no plans, let me know to. we have been doing well on our paid side acquiring customers but i know that won't last forever. cpa's will go up as it's inevitable as we grow. but if we can maximize the all post purchase potential, it can afford us to live w/ the higher cpa's.  

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